Game of Thrones – Interview

This week, Making Game of Thrones brings us an interview with Jonathon ‘Jona’ Barrass, the SFX floor supervisor working with the Wolf and Dragon filming units out of the UK and Iceland.

Cat Taylor talked with Barrass in Northern Ireland during the filming of episode 9, and discussed his film and television background in special effects. Here are a few of the highlights, regarding the filming of Game of Thrones.

His “favorite element to play with?”

I do like fire. I’ve been asked to do 20-foot rings of fire, with flames that reach 20 feet in the air. The firemen and I are great friends now, because first and foremost it’s got to be safe. I don’t think many people realize that every fire you see, campfire, the columns in the throne room, it’s all SFX. It has to burn the same way all day. It’s really tiny things you’d never notice if it’s right – something as simple as ripples in the water, that has to be the same every take, because otherwise people do notice when it’s wrong.

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